Comics and cartoons played a big role in my life growing up. As an introvert and a bit of a loner, there was something about the daily comics and Saturday morning cartoons that really captured my attention and sparked my creative self. I loved how simple yet expressive they could be transporting you to other worlds, outer space or even alternate realities. For me it was simply magical.

Fortunately I wasn’t alone with this in my family. My mom and Nana were both big fans of comics and the newspaper funnies. In fact, with us living in Canada and my Nana in the US, they each used to cut out the best funnies from the newspapers at the end of each week and mail them to each other. So I got to read funnies from our local papers as well as the Seattle papers. What a lucky kid!

Both of them would also buy Comic Books of their favourites like: The Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, BC, The Farside and more. Each one was an endless fascination for me and by Kindergarten, I dreamed of becoming a Cartoonist.

Now, after 30 long years, I'm drawing my own. Hope you like them. :)
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