Although Patreon doesn't allow Creators to set up a free membership, you can join my patreon for free by clicking on the three dots in the upper right of your screen and choosing Join Free.
When you do, here's what you'll get:
 * 24 hour early access to comics, memes and more
 * All posts and updates sent straight to your inbox
 * Everything I do in one place

Most everything goes out to all members with the exception of posts from two collections, Exclusive Bonuses and Behind the Scenes, which only go out to paid members. Enjoy!
VIP Memberships

This is your chance to directly support the continued creation of Mad Cat Comics, Memes and Merch. This is my main form of support and without your kind generosity and support, none of this could exist. A huge THANK YOU to all VIP Members.
My goal for all paid memberships is the same: to receive approximately $2/month net from each member to be split evenly between supporting my family while I spend the time drawing, publishing and promoting it all, and covering the cost of running things and putting on semi-annual contests here for all paid members to participate in.
With any of the VIP paid memberships, you will get:
 * Everything from the Free Level
 * Exclusive Bonus Panels, Comics and Behind the Scenes
 * Access to download everything in my Patreon Shop, Free
 * Help shape the comic with your comments, ideas and     feedback
 * Participate in semi annual contests (for paid members only)

Take advantage of the 7 day free trial, before you buy. :0)
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